About Us

    1. living or growing in the natural environment; 
    2. a natural state or uninhabited



The Wild Bub was inspired by my wild bubba, JEM.

Like every new mom, I fell in love with mwb so quickly and deeply and wanted only to provide the best. My husband and I looked into everything that we exposed her to, from the music she listens to, the material of clothing we dress her in, to the food she eats. We believe in whole, organic and sustainable products which aren't always the easiest to source for at affordable prices. All that, on top of not compromising on our style.

I started The Wild Bub, a lifestyle brand for babies & children, bringing products that are not only beautiful but also represent our values. We are working towards and hoping that one day, our entire collection will consist of only sustainable products. Meanwhile, we promise to keep our products, process and packaging as green as we can!

TWB has not only allowed for this to happen but also provide a platform my husband and I to share what we are continuously learning and discovering on our journey as parents and to bring to you collections that have been lovingly curated or created by us, that we use for our own bub.

Be bold, be free, be wild

Founder & CEO,
The Wild Bub 


Materials we favour

  • Bamboo
    Known for its fast-growing abilities, bamboo is a self regenerating grass that prospers without the need for fertiliser or pesticides. In addition, bamboo has many natural properties that make for suitable baby products such as breathability, insulation, hypoallergenic and soft texture.
  • Linen
    Made from the flax plant, linen is another crop that is able to grow well with minimal, to no use of chemicals and pesticides. In addition, the flax plant can thrive on little water.
  • Organic Cotton
    To reduce exposing our babies and children to toxic dyes and synthetic chemicals, we source for organic cotton that is certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).