Let’s talk poop!

Let’s talk poop!

I asked my husband if he would like to write a post for Learning with TWB, and he asked "what about?" I told him he could write anything to do with the baby, parenting, pregnancy, anything. Of course, he chose to write about poop.  



My wife is doing a lot for baby but if there is one thing she made clear was that daddy would be in charge of diapers! Mommy takes care of the input, daddy gets the output. 

Ok, let’s dive in on the topic.  First let me tell you, shit will happen! 
The good news? Baby will give you a lot of time to adapt and perfect your skills. 
Honestly, the first diapers have no smell whether it is pee or poop. This will be the case as long as the bub is getting only milk.  

Ours was mainly injecting breast milk. Even if at the beginning we needed to top up with formula while my wife was building up her supply, I didn’t notice any change in smell during that time. 
Now, what you need to be ready for: 

  • Most common, the Pee Fountain.
    My daughter's favourite during quite some time, was to wait for daddy to remove her dirty diaper before releasing a pee at the exact moment I was bringing in the fresh diaper. What a frustration, she would always pick this exact 1 second swap to release! If you are lucky, the pee might go everywhere including her clothes, so it might be good to clean her completely and change her clothes! Of course, this might happen to you, once or twice, and if you are not a sadomasochist, you might want to know how to tackle this :D. Some hospitals might teach you this trick (ours did, even if I didn’t follow at the beginning), prepare the new diaper and put it under the baby, opened, before removing the old one. If your baby starts releasing the juice just after you've removed the old diaper, you and baby are protected by the new one. Even at 10 months old, when this very rarely  happens, I still follow this procedure to ensure (my) safety. 

  • Might happen, the firefighter!
    What could possibly be happening? That’s what my wife thought when she heard her husband screaming one day. This is the kind of moment when you want to laugh and cry at the same time, my little firefighter had unexpected pressure that day and as I said mentioned above, she loves to pee while the diaper is open. On those special high-pressure days, when she releases, you can expect to be sprayed anywhere from your mouth to your legs, good luck with that one my friends! I believe there is no particular trick as this happened maybe twice to me in 10 months, just take a deep breath, have a good laugh, and start cleaning the collateral damage (our couch got badly injured that day). 

  • Pooooonami, get ready for the fight.
    The thing with milk is that although at the beginning it is not smelly, it can get quite watery or foamy. Most of the time the diaper will hold, but sometimes, you might realise that your t-shirt is covered with latte cappuccino during a nice outing with your daughter. I got lucky since this happened to mommy and not daddy, every time :D. You will probably also witness some bubbles of poop coming out of the diapers from behind when your little one starts sitting. Trust me, it is quite a scene! Well, the only advice I can give you regarding the poonami, is to be mentally prepared, because it will happen. Pack an extra pair of T-shirt if you go out and decide to use a carrier. And of course, rush to the nearby toilet or changing room when the poonami is here. My daughter had those days when she can shiiiit soooooo much that she can fill two full diapers with one wave. So, while you are changing her (again the trick with the new diaper below) the poo keeps coming and you end up using another new diaper. 

  • That’s a grown-up smell.
    It was training all along, young padawan! One day, your little bub will start eating things other than milk. And that’s when you will experience the real deal! Once they start having other food, like vegetable or fruits, the smell just changes man! Be ready to be knocked out when you open the diaper. If you are lucky, the little bub might even decide to move everywhere on the changing mat while you are trying to fight and contain this new smelly ball. A unique opportunity to observe poop bouncing in a wild environment. The day you introduce meat in your little bub's diet, is the day you will stop telling your friends how baby poop is so cute and not smelly. Because oh boy, when your wife is gagging and you know that you are the man in this house, you also ask yourself if it was too early to introduce meat to this ice cream machine. 

  • Miracles exist and happen!
    Ok, now you know all there is to expect. You will quickly realise that you are becoming an expert in poop! Colour, consistency, shape, you name it, you know it. Some moments will be tough,  #PoopFartWhileDiaperIsOpenCanSpayEverywhere , while others will be like a miracle. I can still see my daughter playing on the walker, shifting her weight onto one leg, pushing, and suddenly observing a big heavy turd drop on the floor. After quickly bringing the bub to the changing table, the findings were unbelievable. There was no poop in the diaper, no poop in the walker, no poop on her legs, just a clean, firm ball of poop on the floor. Those moments are treasures in your life when you will enjoy not having to wash everything.

Enjoy every small wins my friend, cheers. 
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