DIY Creative Spaces For Your Bub - Boho Teepee

DIY Creative Spaces For Your Bub - Boho Teepee

I've always loved a good DIY project especially now when we're stuck at home. It gives me something to do and provides an avenue for my creativity. The sense of accomplishment upon completing a project, is a bonus.



One of the projects I worked on recently was a teepee for my wild bubba. I've been wanting to put up a teepee in her room as a creative little area for her to play in. Scrolling through pages of Pinterest, I saw many bohemian-styled teepees and almost instantly wanted one. 

I searched for one online. Listing after listing on Shopee, Lazada, Carousell, Amazon, etc... I couldn't find what it was I was after, and at a price I was comfortable with. So, I thought I would make my own.

Now, my teepee didn't turn out as amazing as the ones on Pinterest, but I'm still awhile away from the finished product. There is some sewing work to be done and embellishments to add. Still, I thought it'd be a fun little project to share, if anyone was looking to make their own. What I really enjoyed about this project, is that it was a lot easier & faster than I thought. Also, that I had full control over the fabric I chose for the teepee.

What you will need (& where to buy them):

  • 4 x 20MM Beech Dowels from Artfriend 
  • 1 x Cotton Twine from Artfriend  
  • 1.5M Fabric from Spotlight 

I spent about $40 and 1 hour figuring out how to make this teepee. You would probably spend a lot less time or could probably buy a ready made teepee for cheaper, but where's the fun in that? :D

1. Hold all 4 dowels together & tie the twine around it.
I did this a couple of times to find the right tension. The tighter you wind the twine, the higher but narrower your teepee will be. So leave some room if you're looking to make a teepee like mine. I did about 12 rounds and completed with a double knot.

2. Release the sticks and arrange them as you would like them to "fall".

3. Let your fabric fall over the dowels to measure how high you would like the opening to be. Once you've marked it out, cut a small slit across your fabric.

4. Gather your dowels and place them through the slit of your fabric. 

5. Reopen the dowels according to how you would like them to be position and Voila! your teepee is done!

We made ours extra comfy for mwb by adding a little "padding". We placed our french linen playmat to provide a little cushy for that tushy and to make sure she's not licking the floors when she rolls around in there. 
I hope you enjoyed this quick little DIY "tutorial"!


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